Guardian Growth Fund is searching for a great business with an owner looking to gain liquidity and establish a plan for transitioning out of day-to-day management.  


We have identified  the following attributes  to help focus our search for the right opportunity. Attractive opportunities will meet most of our criteria.


If you know of a business that meets our preferred characteristics, please contact us at


  • Recurring revenue
  • Growing and sizable market
  • Straightforward business operations


  • Positive and stable cash flows
  • Asset and working capital light
  • Sustainable competitive advantage 


  • Cash Flow $2-10M
  • Bottom-line margin greater than 15%
  • 3+ years of profitability and revenue growth

Typical Situations

  • Owner ready to retire
  • Owner wants focused role (i.e. sales or development)
  • Serial entrepreneur ready to move on